GWN7610 Power Supply positive tip?


I just ordered a 24V 2a DC power cube for my GWN7610 access point.

I just realized about the polarity: is it positive or negative tip? I would not like to fry it!



Could anybody help me on this? I would like to connect my second GWN7610 to a power cube that I ordered on EBAY. It is a 24V 2A positive tip.

THERE IS NO MARKING on the AP that tells me if it need a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE TIP.

Please: I do not want to damage the unit!

Guy L.
Laval, Canada


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I don’t know if you got an answer, but using a PoE injector (although a bit more expensive) you get a nicer installation because you use less cables to the AP and you can get more distance than the power adapter.

What you save with an easier installation (less time/labor), you can put the extra $10 to cover the cost of the injector.


Yes I know a power injector is usually the best way to go, but I just wanted to test the feature before I recommend the unit to a couple of friends who are intimidated by power injectors… By the way I submitted my question to the help desk and they answered me : positive tip.

Thank you!