Gwn7610 not logging in


This is one of the AP.


This is one of my IP phone.
so basically there is a static network that points to the gateway for each of the network so basically i can reach all my device even when i am not on the same network

with them.


And yes I can login via SSH but not web … that is the issue.


This is the screen i get when i SSH into the said AP.


If you have physical access to the WAP’s, can you then connect your laptop direct to the switch port of the unit?

Are you able to use Internet Explorer to connect? (you can apply settings so you can still let you use IE)
Have you tried HTTPS://wapipaddress from a browser?
Have you cleared your browser cache?

I ask because you are the one trying to get help. The questions might seem dumb to you, we are not onsite to assist you, in fact all or most of us here are users only, not Grandstream support.

If you still are unable to resolve your issues on these 2 x WAP’s perhaps send a ticket to Grandstream direct.


This ssh show restricted options. Maybe this Ap is connected to cloud ?
From diode you described it get configuration, check status and debug what you can see there.

You can check options in ssh here.