GWN7610 not enterprise compliance



I am new here but user of your products i.e. Grandstream GWN7610 and other devices from grandstream.

I am having serious problem with the wifi service (gwn7610) devices i am using in a campus network where i have more than 700 users on the network with at list 500 users concurrent connections.

I noticed if 50-70 users connects to the device wireless, they get disconnected.

Please what should i do? does it mean, GWN7610 not campus network supportive?

Thank you


Hi, usman,

Thanks for contacating us.
Can you provide more information of your deloyment, such as local master or cloud, if mesh used, AP firmware version, number of AP deployed. Also for you 50~70 users case, are they all conneceted to 1 AP, and how’s the channel distribution and RF environment, plus if any log recorded for the discoonection?

Besides discussion on forum, I would suggest also file a ticket on helpdesk for direct support.


I’ve got a small school running on these with about 130 connections. Works fine. Open a ticket, I’m sure they can help.


Thank you so much, here are some of the things i got for you to help out.

(1) firmware version
(2) 1 Local Master with 2 AP
(3) Master 2.4Ghz Radio Status - Channel 6, Clients Count: 13, Wireless Power (dBm): 20, 5Ghz Radio Status: Channel: 149, Clients Count: 0, Wireless Power 9dBm): 14
(4) Local Slave Ap 1, 2.4Ghz Radio Status: Channel: 11, Wireless Power (dBm) 20, 5Ghz Radio Status: Same as the Local Master
(5) Local Slave Ap2, 2.4Ghz Radio Status: Channel: 6, Wireless Power (dBm): 20, 5Ghz Radio Status: Channel: 159, Client Count: 1, Wireless Power (dBm): 14
(6) Number of Clients Connected: 126
(7) SSID: Network
(8) No Vlan, Now Security Mode, No Mac Filtering, No Captive Portal Activated
(9) All clients goes to Microsoft Active Directory Radius for Authentication

I will send a snapped screen of some offline connections from clients devices which i dont want keeping them on the list.