GWN7610 mesh support



Hi, I’m evaluating your Wi-FI products. I bought your GWN7610 to test a mesh network and I found that this products doesn’t support mesh. In your mesh user guide I read the GWN7610 mesh support is pending.
Do you know if there will be a firmware update with mesh support?

Thank you



You may want to open a ticket at for a faster answer.

#3 have mesh
Added support for Mesh Network


hello im setting up a master slave set up on a 7610 but may not have a an ethernet connection upstairs in this house i set the mesh settings to on but the slave doesnt come on line are there any settings i might be missing out on,
is there a settings appendix to make sure all features are turned on . and does the slave ap need line of
sight to the master



Configure them to be manually on the same 2.4G and 5G channels.

Then, enable Mesh. Then, unplug and replug both. Wait 10-15 minutes for them to discover each other.


thank you will try that