GWN7610 Mesh Problem


There are three GWN7610, two storey home. Internet connected from fibre.

I have 4 SSID


My some devices connect to 2.4ghz only (tuya smart home’s etc.), other my devices don’t seem to like 5GHZ only or Dual Band.

Third 7610 added from mesh network, but xxx5 and xxx5_2 network not working, only master 7610 connect from 5ghz netwok’s, other two clients 7610 dont internet signal from 5ghz networks, My laptop is a HP Spectre (8th generation) and my phone Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the situation is the same for many different devices, but the connection message is invariably ‘No internet, secured’ in all.

I have tried my Dual Band SSID and my 5GHZ SSID. Both will not connect. Third 7610 unconnect from system, other two 7610 devices 5ghz networks working normally.

In addititon, 2.4ghz network connect as 802.11b only, 802.11g or 802.11n not working. thats why very slowly internet access from 2.4ghz network.

GWN7610 Firmware

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.