GWN7610 max throughput, one client?



I am wondering if anybody had a chance to do a real-life test with a fast client, let’s say for example an iPad that connects with a 800 mpbs or so link rate? What was the max throughput achieved? What firmware was used for the test?

I do not have a fast device (just an android moto phone that maxes out at 120 mbps and I just want to make sure that when I get a faster phone (wi-fi wise), the GWN7610 will be capable of feeding it completely.

Of course I realize that the more clients are connected at the same time, the less performance I am going to get. That is why I am interested to know the upper limit with just one client connected, running, say iPerf3 or something like that.


Guy L.
(Laval, Canada)



I am surprised that no one had an answer for me about this!..

But then I understand that since this AP seems to be mainly used as an “enterprise” AP and not much used as a home AP (which is a shame since this device is simple to use, packed with performance and affordable) this makes me believe that most GWN7610’s operate with multiple clients connected to it.

I could finally get a hand on some fast wifi devices, namely an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6S. Oh what a wonderful test! Both of those could connect to their expected 866Mbps link rate immediately.

Now the speeds: using iPerf3 in reverse mode (my linux box sending data to the iPhone and iPad) the iPad clocked at a whooping max of about 550 mbps (450 to 548, fluctuating between runs) The iPhone 6s was just a tad slower at a max of 538 mbps.

Of course those speeds will decrease when more clients connect to the AP. This is expected.

I wanted have an idea of the max real-life throughput that this AP can provide, and I am very satisfied with this performance.

I hope that the GWN7610 will one day get more attention in the home market. This is a solid performer, very stable and extremely convenient since the controller software is embedded, no need for an external software like the Ubiquity AP’s.

Guy L.
Laval, Canada