GWN7610 Captive Portal Facebook authentication


I have setup my guest network to facebook authentication. But I always get warnings about unsafe site, because browser does not trust the certificat. Is there a way to get HTTPS to work, without getting error messages?


No, broswer always don’t trust selfsigned certificate. Only way for now probably use htttp. Just by uncheck the “Enable HTTPS” in CP policy.


Uncheck the “Enable HTTPS” in CP policy, unfortunately don’t solve the problem.

Since October 6, 2018, all apps on “developers Facebook” is required to use HTTPS .
So “OAuth Redirect URIs” can only be HTTPS.

I will hope Grandstream will solve this issue soon :slight_smile:


Hi, Tonnesen,

Does unchecking that option still not work for you?
You can still use for your OAuth Redirect URIs. When you uncheck it from GWN CP policy, just the first prompt welcome page which was giving you certification warning allows HTTP.



I have tried disable HTTPS in CP policy.
On Android system I have tried with Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser
For Chrome browser it’s not possible to connect Guest network at all - if I accept “unsafe site” I will be redirected to the login page again and again.
With Opera and Firefox, I can connect - if I accept the “unsafe” site after login.

On OS I can connect - if I accept the unsafe site after login.

On Windows only tried Chrome and it’s not possible to connect at all.


Em, interesting, so you still get HTTPS certification even you disable HTTPS. This is different from my test. Which firmware are you using?


Both AP are running FW