GWN7610 best configuration


hi, dumb newbie question
i sell the GWN7610 and GWN7630, i love for managing them
with the GWN7610, range is up to 175 metres.
is there a best configuration to achieve this. i just installed one today, in an office 50m from the house. i was getting 3 bar signal on my laptop - on old WiFi almost none.
However client has told me she is getting almost none, and speedtest is 1 to 3Mbs - unbelievable.
so i have to go back onsite. but while this is going between walls in a house and then backyard, i am a little underwhelmed with performance
i usually achieve 66mbps in my office setup, and it covers a good range of the house. i usually setup the dual band - 2.4 and 5gz - channel 20mhz auto, hi radio power etc, 802n, i dont allow 802b - band steering is disabled i dont know what that is.
if someone has a good go-to for best / easiest geenral configuration, i would love to know
oh, and latest firmware is always applied - currently


The range quoted of 175m is under ideal conditions and is seldom (never?) achieved in the real world. All manufacturers do this as the output power is regulated by the various agencies around the world, the performance is achieved by hardware design - antennas, processor, sensitivity, etc.

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, while you may have a device that will reach out that far, will the device that is receiving that signal reach that far back? It takes two to tango and if the client device is somewhat older, it may not have a more current design and driver set that has the same level of performance as those of today. Receiver sensitivity, transmit power, antenna gain and S/N ratio all play a part, not to mention the obstacles, interference, distance and number of clients connecting as well as the efficiency of the code and the processor to run it all.

The above is why I love seeing all the Wi-Fi enabled routers coming out with a gazillion antennas that claim to have whole home coverage. So, is your home 800 Sq ft or 3,000 and a couple of stories and where in the home is the device…in the middle or at one side? Does it not make sense that if this device is what it takes to provide “whole home coverage” that the other device connecting to it should also be similarly equipped?

There is no such thing as a best setting as if there were, then the manufacturers would not have all the settings they do.

Band steering is when the device connects with 2.4 and if it should support 5, the device will be steered to the 5 provided the signal level is adequate as it offers the better throughput.

2.4 is a longer wave length and will reach further than 5. 5 and will penetrate thru objects better than 5. 5 is a shorter wave length and while it will not reach as far nor penetrate objects as easily it offers significantly better speed.

There are several apps available for Android (not sure about iOS) that allow you to survey Wi-Fi signals so you can pick out a channel that is less used (less chance of congestion/interference) as well as signal strength. You could have taken the 7610 and set it up temporarily and then done a “site survey” with the app to see how the coverage would be for both devices in both areas. You might have then been able to move the 7610 around to find the best location and if nothing else, moved to a client bridge setup with a 7600LR to effective connect the two sites together and then set up each side with a suitable AP. Yes, more expensive, but if that is what it takes, then that is what it takes. You may still be able to do the survey and get better results, but it sounds like you may need to focus on the 2.4 band only.


hi thank you for your comprehensive reply
yes i am going back on site today for a bit more investigation. i think her laptop is only 802n, i have the channel set at 20-40mhz and auto - but will see if there is interference from everything else and possibly set manually
i am also considering the 7600LR as an option as well.
not sure about the band steering still - are you suggesting have it enabled always?


use Wifi analyser on phone(free app in gogle), then you can see what in air and how good is AP.
But remember that weaker side in 99% is endpoint not AP. You need sent reply and it use endpoint weak antenna to do it.
175 is between 2 AP same power i guess in ideal situation. GS is easy to add more AP and make correct network (remember to set RSSI so device switch AP). RSSI you need find on mobile (analyser is good) when 2 AP merge signals.


thanks yes that is what i use, i did a site survey and changed channels to a less crowded one, so still tweaking but appreciate the feedback