GWN7605 change admin password



I want to change the default password for the GWN7605 units to a standar password for my use.

It is possible?

I’ve factory reset the unit with the default configurations waiting for the password change confirmation after the default reset but does not is requested:

At first boot or after factory reset, users will be asked to change the default administrator and user
passwords before accessing GWN76xx web interface. The new password fields are case sensitive
with a maximum length of 32 characters. Using strong passwords including letters, digits and
special characters are recommended for better security.

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the pswd change is always recommended, change it manually and do it first


Thank you for your fast reply.

Where can I change the password? After de factory reset I do not have option to change it. Using the firmware version

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I remind you that this is a user-user forum, not the Grandstream support you find here:


When you reset the device, the password reverted to the one that is printed on the label that is attached to the unit and another label that came in the box.

You log in using that password (each is unique to every unit made) and then you can change it to one of your liking.