Gwn7602 VLAN


VLANs work as expected.
I have connected GXP1615 to LAN3, LAN3 is set for VLAN 100. GXP1615 is powered through LAN3 and connected to UCM6202 (VLAN 100 as well).

This is really useful little device.


Great! Glad to hear that.


Just got my gwn7602, but I am not able to set a vlan to a specific port.
Because of this Post I made the Order, but talking to Support setting vlan to port is not supported.


It works. I will send you screenshot as soon as I get it.

Edit: Here it is.

801, 802, 803 are VLAN IDs. IDs depend on your setup.


Interesting, this Options are not available in my Setup.
I am using a GWN7610 as Master, how do you manage this AP?

Also I am wondering why Grandstream Support told me that this is not possible.

EDIT: Ok, I just transferred the management to, now I have the Options to set vlan on port. thanks


Because 7610 does not have specific settings for 7602.


Correct. I use


So, what is currently possible with VLANs on the GWN7602?
In your example you set LAN1 to VLAN ID 801

  • Has LAN1 now a tagged VLAN 801 or is it untagged with PVID 801??
  • What about the uplink port? Is it possible to use a tagged VLAN for the GWN7602 itself, i.e. for its own management IP address?