GWN7600LR back to back



Can’t find recent posts regarding this, so here goes. Is it possible to set up two 7600LRs on buildings 300m or so apart so that the remote network could be connected to the local network as if there was a ethernet cable between the two?


This took me all of two minutes to find. Here is the link to the forum thread.


Thanks for helping me move forward with this. Be gentle, I’m 62 years old, so my brain is a tad less sharp than in the old days when I was forum administrator on Compuserve and webmaster for our in-house corporate web servers. Have a great day.


Installed this same application last month and it works well. Follow this guide for assistance.


Thanks for the encouragement Telefonix. How far apart are your two 7600LRs about? Did you experiment with 5G VS 2.4G?


Mine were 250 metre’s apart. As a general rule its 2.4 G for Range and 5G for speed.


Wow, I’m told the distance I need to bridge is about 300-350 feet, so what, 91-107 metes according to Siri? Did you measure the kinds of speed you were able to achieve, and did you opt for 2.5 or 5G in your scenario? I’m very tempted to order 2 7600LR and make a go of it too if I could get a detailed configuration sheet from you or Grandstream as there are mucho options I’m not sure about, presuming defaults are not the best choices. The goal is just to have the 2 7600LRs talking to each other exclusively to ensure the link, hoping for reliability and enough speed to be able to run a VoIP phone and a few computers at the remote site.


They are rated to 300 metre’s, 1000 feet, so you’ll be fine as long as you have line of site. Mak sure its out of any treeline.