GWN7600 Boot Time


Recently got a couple of GWN7600 radio’s for a job & started them up in the workshop .
Was surprised to find the AP’s take 2.5mins before the ethernet is pingable and a further 20 odd secs before the radio is up.
Any Plans to address This ?

I see there are two places that refer to RSSI in the Web GUI.
Client Status (0…60?) & SSID Min RSSI (dBm)
what is the Value displayed in the Client Status ?
Whatever it is , perhaps that is what it should be labeled as ,
And perhaps the RSSI could be displayed as well ?


Why you need faster start time ?
AP work 24/h, so it really does not matter how fast it start for me.

Client - strength of signal to this client.
Min is lvl for Ap to drop this connection to this client.


I don’t Need it to be faster.
I’m simply asking if the developers see it as something to address.

In regard to RSSI
My point is that on one page , RSSI in dBm
& in another page , RSSI is a value in a different scale .
That doesn’t make sense to me .
Perhaps the value is a composite of RSSI,SNR & something else ?
If so , then a label of ‘Link Quality’ might be more appropriate than RSSI.
Do you know how the value is derived ?


Thanks for reporting the RSSI un-unified issue. We will fix it in the next release.


Thanks Tian.