GWN7062 PPPoE throughput


Basic testing on GWN7062, Throughout for PPPoE WAN, is about 750 to 850Mbps. Cannot saturate the full gigabit (~940Mbps). Hardware Acceleration is on. A little disappointing since a $60 Dollar TPLink SMB Omada Router can do this.

Hopefully the wired only firewalls coming will be able to do this, or maybe a software update to improve performance on this one?


you are doing something wrong, I have 950 of dw max, and with GWN7062 I get to 950,
then if you have to make comparisons, they go with products with similar characteristics,
certainly not the TP-Link,
which also does not have the firewall in the ACL (therefore it takes up fewer resources),
nor are the 30% of services that have the GWN7062
(I’m not biased, I only use Draytek, better clarify)

lastly, a good router is not measured by speed, but by stability and security.


Do you have a PPPoE internet connection?

The Omada er605 is a very much comparable product firewall wise, especially with the controller.



I was talking about the Firewall in ACL, TP-Link from the Firewall point of view the security is equal to zero.
Low-end product, it costs little and is worth little (nothing).
I would not propose this to any client.
Non-existent assistance.

Then everyone thinks in their own way, but if we want to talk about professional and security products, let’s not talk about TP-Link



Thank you for the answer on the PPPoE, I will retest and see what I am missing.

The TPLink Product does indeed have full firewall ACL and Policy Based Routing. Can TPLink be trusted as a company? Who knows.

Considering Grandstream Markets this device heavily as Home, and “Home Office” in all there presentations of the product release. TPLink Omada, which I haven’t found half bad for basic use, alot better then UniFi lately. It is a fair comparison, especially since grandstream lists these level of products in the comparison sheets they sent out.

You have your opinion that is fine. But real world SMBs use these products sometimes. I prefer pfSense myself, but sometimes that is not needed.
Grandstream I am hoping with these new router lines provides an in-between.


Rer: I prefer pfSense myself

I will always promote Mikrotik - the swiss army knives of Routers that you can SPI everything in and out… + ACL to the hilt… The cost of the hardware is low, but your expertise needed to make them sing is high ergo the pricing structure is to adopt and then maintain keeping the tech involved at all parts of the line.
I feel sometimes people throw too much emphasis on the Brand Name - sometimes its just plain hype… and doesn’t offer any real value over a different vendors product…

And as Grandstream would say… thank you for testing the products… that line always gives me a giggle…


Scratch that mods issue did not fix itself.

I retested with hardware Acceleration on.
Sometimes it can hit 940 down and only about 850ish up.

Tested with hardware Acceleration off. Which I need as my guest vlan routing doesn’t work when it is on. Sometimes 500, sometimes 750, sometimes 940. With no other traffic. Tried other firewall, with ACL and guest vlan same config, performance issue does not exist.

It is a very basic setup, native lan, with a guest vlan, and a few static DHCP leases.

Maybe firewall cpu is busy at different times not sure.

Anyway those are my results for those interested.

Bell Fibe 1.5gb in Canada.


by full firewall what do you mean?
TP-Link there are no ACLs if I’m not mistaken


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! May I ask what is the firmware version of your GWN7062? We will test it in our own lab. May I ask how you test it? Test it on the speedtest website? Thanks!

Thank you!


Dear user,

Could you kindly enable SSH and send your device MAC address (with admin password) to us through priviate message? We will try to troubleshoot this issue remotely. Thanks!

Thank you!


Just basic testing using, multiple different servers.


Okay, I don’t currently have it connected right now, once I get it connected back again and re-test with the new release firmware I will PM you.


This bad idea to test such way. Go with FTP and download stuff instead of using unknown networks.


As I said, basic test for now.
Multiple samples, with consistent results, for each different router, within the same time period.


Dear user,

Thanks for your feedback! Please kindly let me know once you have a chance to test it again. Thanks for your help!

Thank you!


@TelephoneGuy20 I am running a GWN7062 at home to put it through the paces (spouse/kids gaming/streaming + IoTs). Multiple VLANs/SSIDs. Not PPPoE, on cable. Getting 900-940MBS down on Hardware acceleration is on. Traffic not crossing the VLAN despite no ACL rules prohibiting it (Apple TV on IoT network can’t access the main network to reach PC hosting iTunes). Perhaps VLAN-VLAN is not allowed by default? The wi-fi signal is strong and covers my entire house (2500sqft+). A bit of an initial buffer delay when streaming.


Yes I can get those same speeds running DHCP.
I had trouble with vlan routing, had to disable hardware acceleration on mine and then it worked fine. No ACL added other then selecting default policy routing when I added the vlan network, which seems to do some automatic magic.


Dear users,

Thank you all for your feedback! I will pass these information to our GWN7062 development team. Due to CNY, they may not be able to respond this question before January 29th. I will get back to you once I receive any updates from our development team. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback and testing! You can provide the SSH to us again after CNY and I will ask our development team to check this issue remotely again. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Dear all,

We tested this issue with the given configuration file on our own GWN7062 device. After enabling the option “Hardware Acceleration”, the PPPoE WAN speed will increase to >900Mbps. You can try it following the screenshot below:


Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!