Gwn7000 vpn



I am trying to set up a P2S VPN. I have created all the certificates, however, I cannot connect with open VPN - I downloaded a sample and used it to configure my openvpn connection - still does not work


see if you can find anything here


That site has no documentation on VPN, I have followed the VPN directions. the only VPN I can get to work is PPTP - which I do not want to use (not secure enough)




I have followed these directions and cannot get open vpn to work laptop to site (i need to be able to access my NAS no matter where I am) - also the openVPN does not give me directions for laptop to site


Just sharing that I have found this to be a stumbling block. I’ve not found how to get my PC to use OpenVPN to connect to my LAN over the Internet. All I ever see is reference to using the OpenVPN client from (I think).

Would love to see a docuemented solution.


Hi, all,

If you still have difficulties to connect your windows/linux openvpn client to connect to your GWN7000 openvpn server, can you post your client logs, and GWN7000 debug syslog. I will try to help starting from the logs.


@GS_Tian, thanks. But for me at least, what I need is a step-by-step of how to cofigure the client in the first place. While at first glance this may seem to be beyond the GWN7000, I know that I have seen other vendors, such as Linksys, publish step-by-step instrucitons on how to configure Windows clients to work with their products. As the GWN7000 works beyond phones, it is my opinion that such documentation is warranted.



I firmly second @drostoker


This is the information which I would like as well - then I will be able to follow it and you should stop getting this question (I saw threads where it was requested before and never completely answered)


Question - is this documentation going to be provided? - if the answer is no, I will change router manufacturers.


I don’t think yours is a shared position, and above all this is a forum, not a place where you can make in-depth technical requests, and even less veiled threats.
There is a helpdesk where you can ask these questions.


this is not a veiled threat, this is a necessary position - if I cannot find proper documentation to provide my customer with the service they request with this router then I must change routers - sorry if you do not like that position


you’re simply in the wrong place to argue or make demands like that.


ok, I have issued a ticket in the helpdesk and will await their response - sorry for the time and place misstep. I do not often need to use forums.


a technical forum is not the place to argue or create problems, it is a suitable place to compare with other professionals and ask for help.


Here is a video.

It gives an step by step example for GWN7000 openvpn with GXP phone starting arounf 47:10 .
Though it’s not a Windows/Linux client. Hope it helps.


@GS_Tian, this really is not what is being asked for. What is needed is step-by-step instructions in how to take advantage of the GWN7000’s OpenVPN server by a desktop computer.

Can this please be provided to us.