GWN7000 vpn OS X NAT-T compatibility issue


I am trying to connect to a L2TP/IPSEC VPN server, hosted on OS X behind a NAT-T capable router (a time capsule) using the gwn-7000. According to the server, the router never even attempts to connect, in the UI the connection shows as “connecting”.

Looking at the logs on the GWN7000 reveals something like the following:

"l2tp0" #1: we require peer to have ID '', but peer declares ''"

So it seems NAT is to blame… I can’t find any way to change the behaviour of the OS X Server - nor can I find any way to access the pluto config inside the router…

Any ideas? Is there a way to customize the pluto configuration file? I’d like to add a rightid directive using the internal IP of the server to see if that helps…