GWN7000 VPN Issues


can anyone asssit…i am loosing hair…

Configured a PPTP VPN Client connection on a GWN7000
It connects and get an IP
How ever its not routing traffic through at all.

i would like to have devices connected directly to the router be able to reach devices on the server side network



I don’t know how to answer your question, but I would avoid using PPTP in VPN if you want security


Add routing.


Works for me when I follow the guide for this feature.


Avoid PPtP, Use OpenVPN, instead.


Actually unsure if your routers support it but I use encryption better or equal to 1024, 3des, LT2P - IP Sec Tunnels and if the equipment cant then rethink your hardware end points.


Thanks for the responses.
Down anyone have an OpenVPN config file

I followed the vids but the client side wont change to connected.
followed this as well as the document.

i am not seeing the tunnels created in the routes as well.
feeling lost atm

Server side


Here you are. (2.7 KB)


There’s also a youtube video on this.


thanks for all the assistace and responses.
Appreciate it.

one more question
Is it possible a firewall rule on the gwn7000 can stop the traffic from passing ?.

Currently i have the PPTP VPN connected but traffic is not passing through from the lan.

i can however ping the pptp client vpn address from the server.



Have a look on Firewall (…/#view:firewall/traffic).
You can manage from and to VPN (Forward chain).
More, you can work on Destinations (do not flag what you want to hide), in VPN parameters.


think i give up…
Bought another device added at the main site and one at the client but can’t establish traffic through both.

end goal is to have remote extensions working at the remote site.,

Any option you can recommend?


Why not try IPSec. A bit easier to set up.


thanks for all the assistance…
I reset and started over…
and after a few try …i got it to connect through Pptp client to the VPN.

turned out to be 2 settings that made the difference. Phones are up and running…and anything connected the the GWN7000 can access the server.