GWN7000 site to site openvpn


Hello. Need some advice here. I installed two gwn7000 set them up for site to site for openvpn as it is explained on the user guide everything seems fine client connects to server but i have only one way communication as i ping from main site(server gwn) to branch and every device behind client gwn answer ping request, but when i ping from branc site to main i cant see anything although i see open vpn connected. Checked subnets and static routes and everything seems fine. Any thoughts?


Did you ever get an answer for this. My setup is doing the same thing. Reached out to support with no answer for over 1 week. Thank you for any assistance you can office.


To the best of my knowledge site-to-site OpenVPN tunnels using the GWN7000 at both ends is not currently working; fixes are supposed to be included in the long awaited forthcoming firmware upgrade.