GWN7000 not showing "Hostname" "Manufacture" "OS" in Clients view


I just got a GWN7000, upgraded it to Firmware In “Clients” view there is no information for clients in the “Hostname”, “Manufacture” or “OS” columns. It is frustrating trying to work out what things are from their MAC only! This must be a bug, I see online reviews on earlier firmware with the “Hostname” “Manufacture” “OS” fields populated.

Our GWN7610s on Firmware show all the correct “Hostname” “Manufacture” “OS” fields populated for the WiFi devices connect yet the GWN7000 doesn’t for these same devices. I tired a factory reset and full power off on the GWN7000 but has made no difference.

I’m am using an GWN7610 as master controller for the APs rather than the GWN7000.

ALSO. The GWN7000 loses the column settings on logging out. Each time I login and look at the “Clients” view I have to remove all the irrelevant WiFi info columns and add the “Manufacture” “OS” fields. This isn’t a problem on the GWN7610.

Will we every be able to control the GWN7610 APs on firmware above 1.0.9.x? Is there any development work being done on the GWN7000, it appears to be a long way behind the APs.




I have a simple solution for you: get a refund.

The GWN7000 is a dead product. Use GWNCloud and buy a real good router.