GWN7000 Dual Wan DDNS


Hello All,

I’ve got a GWN7000 with dual wan. Failover works ok, the two connections are setup blended so, well, it’s working. Both connections are unstable due to specific issues with the ISP’s (DSL way out in the sticks and Starlink).

I’d like to setup DDNS but, it seems I can only set up on one interface (wan) or the other.

Wan 1 has a static IP address and Wan 2 (starlink) is dynamic. Is there a way to set this up so the firewall will updated with the wan 1 IP address when running and the wan 2 IP address when wan 1 is down?



Looking at the settings it seems that you would have to go into the ddns section and change it manually. It might be better to have a computer on the network running dyn update client on it. The UCMs have ddns settings you can add but no idea how long it would take to update when failover happens. If you are using a ucm on this site.


That’s perfect thank you! Ultimately, I would have liked to keep this on the firewall as on site computers can, and do, get shut off. But, this will work for what I need.


Maybe on routers, too.