GWN7000 Can not create Client Certificate


I was following the user guide for GWN7000 to create an Open VPN connection and fail when try to create the Client Certificate, I am able to create the users in “System Settings”—> " User Management" but when going to “System Settings”—> " Cert. Manager" when I select Certificate type “Client” a new field “Username” shows up but is totally empty, I can see the users I created.

I have a GWN7000 firmware



Hi, amigliora,

Sounds like a web issue, though I’ve never seen this before. If your GWN7000 setup allows, maybe a facotry reset could possibly be a quick resolution.


I am traveling now, but I will give a try when back, since I couldn’t use the VPN this trip :frowning:



I found the issue, the manual wrongly suggest under Open VPN guide to create the user with the PPTP option check, I removed and I started to get the user list in the client certificate.

Hope this helps to someone else!