GWN7000 as a master requires old firmware on the AP?



do I understand the Note on the firmware website correctly that, the GWN7000 cannot manage access points of the type GWN7600/LR, GWN7610 and GWN7630 if they are running with the current firmware?
The firmware version or, which is more than 3 years (!) old, must be used?

What about newer devices like the GWN7660?
Can these be managed at all by the GWN7000 as a master?

Will the GWN7000 get another firmware update (the last one was 2 years ago) or is the product EOL?

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at the top of the link below you should find the answer to your questions


The product is dead and has been for some time. There is a new router coming out, but a recent forum post suggested changes that made it seem that perhaps somewhat latter this year.

Here is a link to a press release from yesterday -**


Thank you damiano70 and lpneblett for your answers!

The new routers look very interesting!
Unfortunately, the software support is not very promising when using the model GWN7000 as an example.
The device seems already to be EOL and has only received security updates for about 3 years and then there was/is also the compatibility problem if you want to use it as a master for access points.

Not very promising - not at all. :frowning:

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The GWN never lived up to anyone’s expectations. It was decent, but hardly the “enterprise-grade” router that it was advertised to be.

If the need is immediate, let’s not forget that the AP can also act as a master and then there is also the cloud platform as well.