GWN7000 ( Dual WAN in failover configuration


I have a GWN7000 configured for dual WAN failover. WAN1 is connected to a Broadband provider and WAN2 is connected to a cellular provider.WAN1 is the preferred connection. When I disconnect WAN1 devices start routing out the WAN2 cellular connection but will not route back through WAN1 once it is re-established. I have to power cycle the device or unplug its network connection, wait, then plug it back in to get traffic to route out WAN1. I am using a laptop and a GXP2130 phone to test with.


Hi, mpcjax6015,

GWN7000 doesn’t performed failback after a failover between WANs. This is because a swtich of the WAN will cut of all the current sessions. Only a on purpose restarting or unpluging failover WAN cable can reroute the traffic back to primary WAN.
I see you performed a power cycle and also unplug the failover WAN cable. But it doesn goes back to primary WAN? Can we disable the second WAN on your GWN7000 and see if your first WAN connection is turely available?


I plugged primary (WAN1) back in waited, then disconnected WAN2 and it did not fall back to the Primary as I would have thought it would.


Hi, mpcjax6015,

Can you open a ticket and upload your configuration for this issue? We can help you to troublshoot from there.