GWN Manager Released for Public Beta


Hi, all,

GWN Manager is released for public beta.
You can download the installation file at

QIG (Improtant HW/platform requirement and installation instructions)

User manuals


Is the GWN Manager just for easy management, i.e. If the GWN Manager fails, the access points managed by it will still work without any problems?


That is correct. APs will work as normal.
GWN Manager is for easy managment, data analysis, configuration/data backup, etc.




I had a lot of questions but it looks like most are answered here. I had it up and running with the latest Fedora server. Great stuff team, you have a lot to be proud of here!

Will redo my install using instructions here!


Can there be a change in SMTP server as we don"t need authentication on our smtp and this is now mandatory in the Manager Settings.

For the rest this looks good for central management.


I have it installed but it fails, how to fix it? Thanks
[root@localhost /]# rpm -ivh gwn1.0.0.21.rpm
warning: gwn- Header V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 49ce13f0: NOKEY
error: Failed dependencies: is needed by gwn-mariadb- is needed by gwn-mariadb- is needed by gwn-mariadb- is needed by gwn-mariadb- is needed by gwn-nginx- is needed by gwn-redis-


Update: I installed () (64bit) and it worked


Hello GS_Tian
My network uses a lot of vlan in local network, I have a local gwn manager server installed, when I add Adopt it only shows APs that have the same network range as the gwn manager server.
Other wifi APs vlan, the gwn manager server cannot see it.
How to manage other vlan ap?
Note: all my vlan see each other.



how can I update the access points from 1.0.13 to firmware within GWN Manager? It is possible to upload the *.bin firmware file, but I cannot use it for updating the firmware.


Hi tiennk,

The discovery protocol on GWN Manager only support same LAN network. For different VLANs/LANs, you can use 3rd layer discovery on AP. Login AP in slave mode, and put in your GWN Manager address, and make sure your GWN Manager address is accessible to your AP’s LAN. After a while, you should be able to see an adopting available AP on your GWN Manager.


Hi, krisb,

Do you have a screenshot of your uploaded firmware? And a screenshot of where you can’t upgrade your AP.


Hi GS_Tian
if I go to each AP and enter the ip address of gwn manager is ok, but customer want it to be able to automatically see the AP
Follow the gwn manager instructions to use dhcp option43 but I install it does not work…


Download link is dead - anyone got a working link? I span up a VPS just to try this, and I can’t try it without a download link.


Here is the link:

I searched it for near a decade myself :smiley:
The link itself can be found on this site:

Edit: use “wget” on Linux to download it


Thank you for adding the link, as I could not locate it on the firmware page, nor in

Kind regards