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Hello Everyone I need your valuable support to successfully configured 40 GWN 7630LR and 12 GWN7630 i.e Total 52 Access Points to cover an area of around 14 Acre. I tried to configured the same but I am not happy with the output results because Range is extremely Poor. I think I am definitely doing something wrong while configuration during Radio Selection mode etc. It’s a humble request to please suggest me how I can get better results from the same device.
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If I were in your shoes, i would factory reset all devices, set them up to a basic configuration for being able to access wifi, then I would leave adjusting wifi power and perform tests. Then tweak as necessary.


Absolutely Right Sir. I have already done the basic configuration one Controller and 30 Access Points are paired with it. As installation is going on I want to learn about the best configuration for the same…
Thanks for Prompt response.
Jagjot Singh


Here you will find all the educations you are looking for:


You state 14 acres with 40 of the outdoor access points and 12 of the indoor models that have a bit over half the range of the outdoor models. Mathematically you have not purchased nearly the correct number of access points if you want coverage over the entire area. The gwn7630lr has a max range of 300m and that is in ideal conditions.


300M is not possible for endpoint device unless it is big antena.
for example: AP <-> smartphone is limited by Smartphone range as it need reply to AP.
So i agree with @scottsip but i suggest to use smartphone with wifianayzler (or similar app) to go around and make map for wifi coverage.
Then install gwn manager or go Wifi cloud as AP limit will be over 50 i guess.


Thanks for valuable information. I have successfully configured 39 Access points with Static IP and i used same SSID on all of them. Connectivity is working fine but the main problem is signal strength and the roaming issue. We are not achieving even signal strength even 100 meters far and the other problem is that SSID shown is same but if we are moving from one AP to other then we have to manually disable and enable the wifi to regain the proper strength.


Signal strength is not only an access point issue but a client issue. If the access points are someone yelling and the clients are someone whispering, performance probably won’t be too good.

As for roaming, that is controlled by the clients. You can use min rssi settings to help clients move to the next access point, but getting the proper values for your site will take some work.

What do you have the channels and signal strength set to on the access points?


Roaming is decided by AP or end point.
Again you need map your building/place so see where is low coverage and how low it is, then you can set RSSI for forcing client to witch AP.
What is used as endpoint ?