GWN 7610 reset


GWN7610 access point is cannot access to web interface. AP is pairing. I push reset button for 7 seconds. and many times try. But it doesn’t reset. How to reset. Is there any other way to reset that?


Reset keep 20s not 7.


It resetted and when accessing to web interface it loading some configurations suddenly it becomes not accessible.


Maybe it is added to gs cloud ?
Try Factory but with network with no connection to internet. Just your pc + AP.


That was your right. Just my pc + AP connection was successfully. In web interface I did Factory Reset. But when i connect to the internet my AP problem occurs again. How to remove completely from gs cloud pairing?


Connect to pc and login, then go to maintenance and remove path for config upgrade.
If you can you can set IP and move it to your network.


Thanks for your support. We remembered register my AP to GWN CLOUD. Then removed from it. Now it works.


Hey Guys, I have a GWN 7600LR just one. I am trying to completely factory reset this, I have held the Pin for 7, 20, 30, 60 seconds. IT WILL NOT FACTORY DEFAULT. I have tried doing this with it just being the AP and my PC. I keep getting Wrong username and PW.
After a factory reset this should be admin- admin? Correct?
Trying to get in to make this a master and add it to MY cloud.

Any suggestions on how to get this thing back to as if it came out the box?

Its is currently just a blinking purple light…


After a factory reset the AP will go back to it’s default ID and password. That would be admin and the unique password printed on the label on the back of the physical unit for new Grandstream devices.