GWN-7610 on and Mesh


I logged this ticket on 5th Nov 2018, but to data have not had a reply, so I thought I would post in the Forum.

Ticket #: 20181105014427
Status: New
Product: GWN-7610
Created On: 05 Nov 01:44
Last Updated: 10 days ago
Title: Mesh
Issue Type: Software

I have 2 GWN-7610’s.

When I access Mesh I get the message ‘Notice: The Mesh is only effective for GWN7600 and GWN7600LR in the current version. If enabled mesh, AP will only support 5 SSIDs in the same VLAN.’.

Why am I seeing this message when supports Mesh on the 7610?

Further to my ticket.
Also in the Access Points page the Mesh Icon is disabled.

Note: I am using the 2 GWN-7610’s in a home environment and my networking knowledge is basic.


I can confirm this is not ture. Mesh is supported on all GWN AP models now. We will have the statement fixed.


Thanks, but why cannot I gain access to the Mesh icon in the Access Points page?


That icon only lights up when mesh link of that patical AP is built.


I successfully linked my second access point to the master via mesh