GWN 7600 connection with Spotipo


Hi, I have a very stupid question to ask. I am setting up and testing facebook splash page for Grandstream GWN Access points. GWN have their own device cloiud portal that can configure facebook authentication login feature ) but not facebook like and share. So I want to use spotipo instead for facebook like and share feature. So my question is does spotipo support AP devices like grandstream. If so how do I connect or configure ? using options ? May I know some typoe of guideline or sth that I can use. thanks in advance.


No, we don’t support Spotipo right now. It need integration for the interface interaction. GWN own portal page is the customizable welcome page, in which admin can put multiple login options, including facebook,twitter,etc… but each need backend interaction with those authentication service provider. And when you acutally click on the option, you will be redirected to the provider’s login portal.