GWN 7062 - Can't activate Dual WAN option


I have just purchased this router, mainly for the dual WAN failover and balancing capabilities, but I can’t get it to work correctly
When I try to select the dual WAN option on the WAN Port Settings tab, the interface displays “Saved Successfully”, but it never shows the WAN2 port configuration options, and when I go back into that tab the option is deactivated. I can’t get it to save the setting!

I have upgraded the firmware to version, thinking it may solve the issue, but it persists.


Is this issue only with this settings? or you can’t save other settings?
better to check with support


Thank you for pointing me to the helpdesk, I have submitted a ticket.
I tried changing other settings and seems to work OK, only that setting is getting reverted… so annoying!


The problem is solved now! The router only needed to be factory resetted and reconfigured for the settings to get saved correctly