GW Wave - Video call "on another account" message


Just updated from a UCM6101 to a UCM6301. One weird issue is coming from a front gate SIP phone (2N Helios Verso). I have three GS Wave SIP apps that are running on androids but one of these phones has an issue accepting/making video calls to the 2N device. Audio calls works fine as does video calls between all the android devices on GS Wave.

The GS Wave app says “Your account is in an ongoing call on another device. Switch the call to this device instead?” And there’s a switch icon that doesn’t clear it as it just repeats.

I did have the old GS Wave Lite running this phone as well as testing a couple of other SIP apps but they are all uninstalled.

Any thoughts?


for UCM630X APP WAVE is recommended and not GSWave lite


Yes, I’m using Wave, not Wave Lite.


I was previously using Wave Lite on this phone with the 6102. So far, the new Wave app seems more stable and I’m digging the NAT transverse and no holes in my firewall.