GVX3500 - RSTP Path for 3rd party IP CAM


Hello All,

I recently purchased a encoder/decoder model GVX3500 and I trying to connect with my IP cam.

I can view the rtsp stream on VLC without problem, but I can’t connect on my GVX3500.

The path to access my camera by rtsp is: rtsp://user:password@IP:PORT/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1 (secondary stream - D1 - H264), but there is no way to setup this on my GVX3500.

I tried different ways to access the video, but it is almost impossible.

My GVX3500 is updated, with firmware version

Can anyone help?


Version introduces facility to include the path/argument of the RTSP feed.

You will need to apply a firmware update to enable this.