GVR3550 app per smartphone end tablet



I would like to know what are the recommended app and compatible with the NVR GVR3550 particularly:

  • Smartphone Android, Windows Phone 8 and iPhone.
  • Tablet iPad, Android



Hi agorota,

Currently there is no app that can work with our GVR3550, however we are going to release soon an Android application (GS Monitor) to monitor the GVR, Thanks.


Just this? and iPhone/iPad?


Yes an iPad/iPhone app that can connect to the GVR3552 would be great. No Androids here :slight_smile:


No app for IPhone/iPad ayer?


Grandstream may not have released an App yet… however you may want to try(prepared for copy and paste):

IP Cam Viewer by Robert Chou

It is available in the Google Play store as well as the Apple App store.

I have installed and successfully used it on iPads, iPhones, any flavor of Android in use, be it tablet or phone, as well as a Kindle Fire tablet which is a bastardized version of Android. Works fine for me… NEVER any issues. It will handle all of Grandstream’s current cameras… as well as just ABOUT any other camera you have ever used or even seen.

I have used it on multiple types of DVR/NVR equipment… last week I ran into an old acquaintance that had an older 4 camera setup connected to a Q-See QS408(trash… I already know… do not bother replying to me to tell me this or you are truly an idget) at his home… Q-See has an app that is miserable… thought to try Ip Cam Viewer… opened the App on MY phone first… actually added it to a group configuration of 8 Grandstream FHD_3672 Ip cameras and had his QS408 up and running on the same configuration in a little over a minute… His phone took less than 5 minutes to do which included downloading and installing before configuration.

After seeing your post, I opened IP Cam Viewer and checked a Grandstream configuration I have… there is a set up in there under the Grandstream category that includes an NVR… hmmm… not having a 3550 or 3552 to use as a test, I must leave that to someone else here. I will bet that it will work properly… I have never seen an App or even a program before that is updated with new features and literally(from what I can see… list is LONG) constantly adds new equipment and quickly takes care of any bug fixes which might be necessary.

This author must be a machine to accomplish all he does given the time frame between updates… which is constantly… 2, 3 and 4 updates a month. That is not uncommon. I do not work for him, have never met him, etc… etc… etc… but he sure has made my life a lot easier.

If you use the App, be sure to spend the $2 or $3 for the paid version… no ads, more options which are limited in the free basic version to 6 cameras, etc… it will be the best investment you ever made. If you are here and have found this and use the free version and can not pay this man such a small sum of money for lifetime use and upgrades, than you are simply a cheap bastard who has no business being in business… enough said.

Oh… and if a proper setup is not there, be sure to try the Generic NVR setting under Grandstream and the stand alone Generic… and better yet… if you send him feedback or an e-mail about your needs… you may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly it happens. Yes Virginia… some people do still respond.

Windows phone… do not know… do not care… do not ask… just more trash…


Below merely for Grandstream search:

Smartphone App
Android App
iPhone App
iPad App
Kindle App
Samsung App
Smartphone software
Android software
iPad software
Kindle software
Samsung software
might be continued … might not…


Addendum… truly, I am not shilling for the author of IP Cam Viewer… I just happen to be a real fan of how this App continues to be updated and improved… adding more functionality to existing models… while adding massive amounts of new styles that continually are released by about every manufacturer or OEMer or private label-er…

This might solve some problems for a number of forum members…


Yes, it said Chrome support…

And for those of you interested in API’s…


And last but not least… IP Cam Viewer tips for CCTV installers





Hi GS Support,

We are a company that is an actual partner for Grandstream, and we push it in IP telephony as much as we can.

Nevertheless, i had to login to comment on this one. It is completely unacceptable not to have an android app for GS cameras. This is something that almost each and every manufacturer has developed and is de facto standard in the field.

Kindly update on the status of mentioned GS Monitor app?



Look forward to such an app released soon. I have to use some third party app and it’s kinda laggy.


The app is available for free on Vshare Market. All the latest paid apps are available here for free.


You find a beta-app here:


The registration-process is very short.


I have tried the application on a samsung s6.

I have added a GVR3552 and correctly the app recognize the 3 cameras configured BUT I cannot see nothing then a circle with 2 arrow (something like an update button) on each camera recognized.

Please what can I do?
And sorry but where can I send comments? here is the right place?



Thanks for link.
I have downloaded it,but for manual i need to login,but it is closed for new members.
Is this app cloud based or i must to forward ports on the router?