Hello !
Q1: Can we configure the GVC3212 to use our own IPVT10 server instead of cloud IPVideoTalk service ?
Q2: Can we connect GAC2500 to GVC3212 via USB to use as external mic/speaker ?

Thank you !

  1. Yes IPTV have sip registar as i remember.
  2. Sorry no idea :slight_smile:


Hello, Marcin !
Yes, IPVT10 definetly has SIP server under the hood. But GVC3212 does not support SIP.
It is designed as IPVideoTalk client only.

If there is ability to configure ipvt accounts , and define IPVT-server, then, i think, it is possible to use it as client for our IPVT10 onpremise server.

So i wish to dispel a doubts before i buy GVC3212.



Just change link to your server and add correct credential. I think i tested it, but that was so long ago :slight_smile:
If you want to be sure just raise ticket to gs directly via support


Thanks a lot, Marcin.
I think so too. But … it can be specially locked for cloud IPVT for example, so i have a doubts…

Anyway, i’m gonna buy it and try :slight_smile:


By the way
i’ve asked this question to official support.
And, of course, i’ve received absolutly useless answer:

Kindly note that the GVC3212 can only be used with IPVideoTalk


lol, ask again :slight_smile: