how i can call a SIP URI like : 1111@domaine.com

  • tested with GVC3202 firmware [] but does not work
  • my sip server different than called sip
  • tested with cisco visioconf work well



Change call type to IP CALL.


Hi, thanks but i use a ip call type and not worked


I am using a GVC3210, not a GVC3202. When dialing from the LCD menu, I am unable to make a call using the SIP URI you refer. It doesn’t accept @ character in the input field. But if I use the Web UI, I am able to make a call using Call as the Call Mode. If I use IP call as Call Mode, I get an “Invalid IP address” error.


If you use call mode then it will be your xx@yy.com + server:
xx@yy.com@SIP_server propably.

I 'm talking with GS to allow domain calls but this take some time.


I have similar issue. Please were you able to resolve this?


No, GS do not implement this yet.