GVC3202 interoperability issue with Hangout Meet



Kindly help out with my installation scenario. The GVC3202 is a great device however client wants to use it more to join meetings via hangout meet.

Hangout meet is presently not supported on the GVC3202. So i have contacted pexip to ensure this interoperability but now i have activated SIP account from ippi.com on the device.

However placing a call to the SIP address provided by pexip but no success

Please can someone here help with practical advise on this if any related experience or advise on a SIP provider you have used with this device.




Did you review the following?:


Thanks for this response. However let me relate the scenario to you.
We have GVC3202 device. Partners use Google hangout meet to schedule meetings. We can’t join the meeting as GVC doesn’t presently support Hangout meet.

Please let me know if you understand this scenario


I now understand.

Obviously, I cannot comment on ippi and what they may have with PEXIP Infinity that presumably allows a level of interaction between the two platforms. You will need to contact them for the details of how to get the interface to function with one another.

Meet/PEPIX claims to supports existing 3rd party SIP/H.323 conferencing hardware, but apparently using the Infinity application and in their blurbs, mentions Polycom and Cisco. The below is a copy from their website.

Teams using Skype for Business or meeting systems based on SIP and H.323 standards (e.g. Polycom and Cisco) can seamlessly join a Hangouts Meet meeting through the Pexip Infinity Platform.

A quick review of the Pexip Infinity suggests that it is something that you need and doing a Google search combining Ippi and Google Hangout or Meet produced no results other than this post. It is not clear how IPPI, a SIP provider, works with Meet. There is nothing on the Ippi website that I can find related to Meets, Hangout or even video, which I assume they would need to support in some fashion.

Sorry, but it appears to me that you need to look at the Infinity application to see if it will provide the interoperability you need.


Thanks for this response. This page provides the neccessary setup with grandstream https://www.ippi.com/frequently-asked-question/

However i am not limited to ippi, i just need a working SIP provider that can call into the Pexip SIP provided.

Pexip had setup a trial for us so we can call into any scheduled hangout meet using the “more options link” which would show us a SIP address that looks like this 688899999@gmeet.pexip.me however the issue is we can’t call into this SIP address from GVC, it doesn’t join the meeting

Pexip says its fine at their end.

So i need to be sure all my settings on the GVC are correct and if other solutions availablle


I looked at that page and there was no mention of GS. I searched for GS and they only showed a 2130 and 2160 -

And even doing a search for MEET(s), Hangout, & Video resulted in -

I have no idea of what provider supports the use of Pepix. As stated, I am of the opinion that you need the app to run on your side be it cloud or premise based. Most SIP providers will not support video, hence why, like meet, there are VID conferencing services such as Meet, Lifesize, Bluejeans, IPVTalk, etc.

As far as domain calling, it is not supported. You might be able to IP dial by resolving the domain name, but am uncertain what they expect to see on their end in the messaging,

I can only suggest submitting a ticket to support.