GVC3200 test resoults with: Cisco MCU4520, Pexip, LifeSize Icon600




I have Grandstream GVC3200 room system with latest stable firmware version, connected to public IP (without any NAT), without using any other external server for registrations (H.323 gatekeeper, SIP proxy), 100 Mbps LAN. I have found this problems with GVC3200:

  1. Cisco MCU4520 and H.323 frame errors:
  • If GVC3200 is connected over H.323 to MCU4520, I can see receive video frame errors on MCU4520 status page for connection with GVC3200.
  • on other endpoint connected to same room I can see video artefacts for video from GVC3200
  • for GVC3200 SIP calls there are no video frame errors and no video artefacts
  • for GVC3200 H.323 calls at 1 Mbps I cannot see any video artefacts anymore, there are also no video frame errors. This problems are with for example 2 Mbps and 4 Mbps calls.
  1. Cisco MCU4520 and H.323 call-in:
    If MCU4520 is using external H.323 gatekeeper and GVC3200 does not use H.323 gatekeeper, H.323 calls fro GVC3200 to IP address of MCU4520 does not work. If MCU4520 is not using gatekeeper, calls are working.

  2. Cisco MCU4520 and Encryption for H.323 calls:
    Encryption for H.323 calls does not work, but it is working for SIP calls.

  3. Cisco MCU4520 and “Muted remotely” feature:
    Ciscu MCU4520 does not detect “Muted remotely”, if GVC3200 is audio-muted (mute on GVC3200, not mute on MCU4520).

  4. Cisco MCU4520 SIP calls:
    SIP call from GVC3200 to IP address of MCU4520 is audio-only. If MCU45200 is calling to IP addres of GVC3200, everything is OK, video also. If GVC3200 is registred at Pexip SIP server, I have same problem with MCU4520, but in this case SIP call from GVC3200 to Pexip conference room does work OK (also video).

  5. Cisco MCU4520 SIP/BFCP content sharing:
    GVC3200 is transmitting content chanell (BFCP) to MCU4520 at 4CIF (704x576) only. I have also changed “Presentation video frame rate” on GVC3200 from 15 fps to 5 fps and does not help. Content from PC VGA output is 1920x1080. Sharing content from GVC3200 with other systems is working OK at 1080p.

  6. Cisco MCU4520 in 1080p mode:
    If I change MCU4520 from 720p to 1080p mode I see:

  • H.323 call from MCU4520 to GVC3200 is 1080p/720p for main video (MCU4520 is transmitting 720p
    main video only). For SIP calls video is 1080p/1080p in both ways. Tested with 2 Mbps and 4 Mbps calls.
  • SIP call from MCU45200 to GVC3200 and audio: GVC3200 is transmitting G.722.1 24k, MCU4520 is receiving G.722.1 32k audio and audio from GVC to MCU45200 does not work. If I disable G.722.1 on GVC3200 for SIP calls, audio is working OK (using G.722 in both ways).
  • SIP call from MCU45200 to GVC3200 and video artefacts: If I change call speed from 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps,
    I can see video artefacts also for SIP calls. At 2 Mbps I cannot see any video artefacts and almost no video frame errors (only some frame errros at the beginning of the call). In H.323 call at 2 Mbps I can see video artefacts.
  • SIP call from MCU45200 to GVC3200 and BFCP content: GVC3200 is transmitting 720p for content channel.
  1. IPv6 support: I can configure IPv6 on GVC3200 and IPv6 ping is working, but I’m unable to make any H.323 or SIP calls with MCU4520 (not tested with other systems).

  2. LifeSize Icon600:
    When connecting GVC3200 with LifeSize Icon600 room system I see 1080p video for main channel, but content is limited to 720p15.

  3. Cisco C60:
    When connecting GVC3200 with Cisco (Tandberg) C60 room system I see:

  • C60 is transmitting only 720p for main video
  • content video transmitted from GVC3200 to C60 is from time to time with video artefacts
  1. Pexip and GVC3200:
  • encryption for H.323 calls does not work, encryption is working with SIP calls
  • H.323 call is audio-only (no video) and audio is working only from GVC3200 to Pexip. GVC3200
    "Call details" is reporting unknown receiving audio codec. If I disable G.722.1 on GVC3200, audio
    is working OK in both ways.
  • H.323 call does not support video. For SIP calls video is working without any problems.
  • For SIP calls audio is not OK. Pexip is transmitting Opus audio, which does not work at GVC3200.
    If I disable Opus audio codec on GVC3200, audio is working OK.
  • For SIP calls at 4 Mbps I can see from time to time video artefacts on video received from GVC3200.
  1. User experience with GVC3200 hardware:
  • “audio mute” buton on remote control: mute function does not work all the time in all menus
  • mute buton on remote control is sometime out of sync with real status: sometimes is mic muted
    and I can see on monitor as unmuted, etc.
  • GAC2500 touch interface is working slow sometimes

Best regards,
David Vrtin


Hi David

Most of the issues reported need some logs/trace in order to verify and troubleshoot them, kindly help to open a ticket in our helpdesk portal to assist you in getting these issues resolved :

Helpdesk portal can be accessed from : https://helpdesk.grandstream.com

Best regards


All tickets are now open on your helpdesk system.

Please note I’m using firmware and not is not available firmware option at helpdesk.grandstream.com New ticket form.

I hope, all this helps and GVC3200 will work much better with Cisco MCU45xx and Pexip MCU in near future.


Hi David, can i advise on the GVC device using SIP and Pexip. Thanks


This is 2 years old ticket, I don’t have GVC room system for testing anymore in my office.

At time of testing, SIP calls to Pexip MCU was not working, if GVC was not registered at Pexip.

If you can make SIP calls from GVC to our Pexip MCU (on public IP), I can create virtual room for you to test this again.

We support SIP/TCP only, no SIP/UDP. In later GVC release notes I have found information, that SIP/TCP is now supported, but at that time I did not have GVC for testing anymore. Maybe you can now confirm, SIP/TCP calls are now working from GVC to Pexip ?

Best regards,


If you can make SIP calls from GVC to our Pexip MCU (on public IP), I can create virtual room for you to test this again.
Let me try this. What do i need to test?


Connect from GVC over SIP/TCP to 429429@mcu.arnes.si or 429429@

And then connect also from Chrome browser with webcam to same room over:

Do you see video from your GVC in your browser?