GVC3200 Port Forwarding Issue


Hi, I setup port forwarding on GVC3200 but I am facing below Issues. Please guide.

  1. Call gets connected, pkts are being sent but not able to receive hence no Video and Audio from destination
  2. When other person dials to my device I just receive 1 ring only and then call failed occurs.

I opened 7210 port on my firewall for h.323 communication. Is there anything else I am missing?


What is the other device dialing in? What does the other device do?


Port 1720 is default for H323 but there might be other ports needed.


other device is the same i.e GVC3200.


Yes I searched but I didnt found any port num, neither in manual nor over internet.


Actually Page 52 of the admin guide, near the bottom. See picture for excerpt.


Yes only one port is there which I already forwarded. other VC Devices vendor mention ports in there manuals for port forwarding as different vendor uses different ports but I didnt find any other port in GVC manual.


What are you wanting to connect to with the GVC3200?

Check out the following link for FAQ’s

Contact who you purchased the equipment from and ask for an example to install and set up the unit or check out the following resource area.