GVC3200, IPVideoTalk, IPVT10


well I just need some information about Video Conference Solutions:

1- With IP Phone setup, GVC3200 can host 9way Video conference, GVC3202 can host 3way, what about GVC3210 is it only 1 to 1 ?

2- with IPVideoTalk, If I get plane of 25 Participants and 8 video feed, is that mean I can make meeting with 25 person with 8 video feed with GVC3202 ? or I will be limited with the 3 video feed limitation on GVC3202?

3- I note that all the IPVideoTalk plans limited to 8 video only there is no plane to increase it ?! specially there is some services like Zoom provide 15$ plane Includes 100 participants and 25 Video feed ?!

4- Our client (X) request to install Zoom on GVC3200 since it work on android, but in google play we cant find it, can some one try it? , and if its because GVC3200 have old android (4.4) what about GVC3210 (android 7) can zoom installed on it ?

5- about IPVT10, if we get IPVT10-50 License 25-way MCU, 50 participant limit.

  • is that mean I can see 25 video feed on the GVC3200 screen ? or still limited to the 8 Video feed ?
  • 25-way MCU, 50 participant limit is it mean 50 participant in one meeting but 25 video feed only ? or it mean 25 participant per meetings but the total number of participant in all active meetings is 50 ?

6- IPVT10 support up to" 10 simultaneous sessions" is that mean I cant make more that 10 concurrent meeting even if each meeting is 3 participant only?