Guide on how to sync data and backups to local server


Hello all,

Is there a friendly guide on how to set up a server on windows machine that is compatible with SFTP client on the UCM machine?

I am looking for free (or cheap) software server. Things I have tried:
1- FileZilla (no sftp)
2- xlight ftp (no sftp)
3- Buru server (wasn’t able to get it to work - too complicated)

Any ideas or tips?


RebexTinySftpServerBin trial


thank you so much

it worked!


@7folds perhaps you could share. I have been looking for information about how you can search, access and use these archived records. Can you share what you have found?



My question was about backing up UCM records (CDR and recordings) to a separate back up windows server.
I will post full tutorial once I am back from business trip.


Solarwind SFTP also work and it is free (i checked it long ago, but it was working. Now i sent to NAS)


is that working on Ubuntu server 18.04 ?


you can backup it locally (SDCard/USB) or in TFTP, what you can do or not do on Ubuntu you are not in the right place to ask for it.