Gswave web - chrome / firefox


Hello all,

I am having this issue with the new GSWAVE WEB feature on FW, when I log in to any extension remotely I do not get any audio (either way) in my calls, also video calls dont get any video, the call is connected but no audio/video goes through.

It works fine when I am locally logged in, audio and video are just fine.

My Port Forwarding settings are correct, since I can register any extension remotely using any softphone app (GSWAVE on my Iphone, or Zoiper).

Any help on this will be highly appreciated


Try local first (same network) for checking if you got audio/video. If not then something block it on your machine.


It works perfectly locally, the problem is remotely, not sure if there is an additional port to open when using GSWave.


There are no additional ports to open. The issue with most softphones is their location awareness. This is to say that they are mobile and will use different networks by which to try and reach the UCM. When on a local network, there are no firewalls to traverse and the UCM is reachable by using its private network IP.

When leaving that environment, the dynamics have changed as you no longer control the local firewall (your firewall back at the office is now the remote and you do have control of that one by virtue of the port forwarding you installed). Additionally, you are no longer trying to reach the UCM by its private IP, but rather by the public IP and you control nothing in between either.

The key is for the Wave to know where and how to contact the server. Please refer to the manuals for added info as we only know that it works fine in-house and not elsewhere, but have no idea of how it was configured and what the settings are. Look at the NAT section in the manual as this is the area most commonly impacted by one-way audio although some carriers may alter the signaling as well.


Thanks for your reply gents.

@Ipneblett, any other SIP softphone or physical enpoint works fine remotely. I dont have any issues with Audio or registration, but the GSWave browser app has audio issues, which makes me think that there is something wrong with the webapp itself, GS support tech claims that it works when he registers a test extension that he created in my UCM, but I am still waiting for his call to confirm his claim.


Exact same issue here. When not in local network I can make a call and attend a call, but when I do I get no audio.