Gswave session disconnect




I have Gs UCM 6510, GSWave, the opeators uses gswave and they logoff after 2 or 3 calls, it’s very pain full to login each time, please do you have a solution ?

Thank you









Why are operators using WAVE?
What make of mobile phone?


i mean Gswave web, the computer web interface not mobile, we connect via this link http://ucmip:8089/gswave


My guess that this is related to auto logout:


Thanks Marcin,

I already set this parameter to 0 as you can see at screenshot but i think it’s related to admins not gswave users.


Probably, but this is only setting i remember about timer for http.


Well, as you have stated that the log out appears after every 2 or 3 calls, it is unknown if the calls appear within a given time period.I suppose you could set the timeout to a value that is larger (60) than whatever time it takes to handle the 2 or 3 calls and see if it lessens the logout issue. I am assuming it possible that the setting of “0” may have a bug.