Gswave & GSM Terminal & HT-812 I give up


Dear all
actually since i install grandsream system in my home including ucm6102 , ip phone from GS and also install cisco switch 28 port support poe and because i don’t have fiper connection from my service provider i install 5G router from huawei for internet connection and finally i install GSM terminal witch connect to ucm6102 and i can make a call from any extinction and receiving any call to selected extinction and i try hard to use gswave but the extinction that i created won’t register with any wifi or over my mobile data 5g but with local wifi in my home it’s work then i realize that maybe it will work with ht-812 i already bought it i didn’t received it yet do i miss something? do i have suscrip with voip service providers in my country? can i let gswave work with 5g router and gsm terminal? i don’t know really i’m confused any help from you guys
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if your ucm doesnt have a public IP you will need to forward the ports for the app from the device that has the public IP(Most likely the gsm terminal). you will also need to set up the app with the Public ip and add the IP in the SDP messages in the UCM. if you dont have a static public ip, it may not always work without updating the ip or adding a dynamic dns service, its not the easiest thing to get up and running securely


The first thing to address is what are you actually trying to use for the telephony aspect - the 5G iIternet data connection or the GSM gateway?

To me, it sounds like you are using both, the 5G for the Wave and the GSM gateway for the telephony.

It is not clear what the expectation of the HT is. This is a analog telephone adapter and has nothing to do with the Wave.

The issue is partly as Lincoln has stated. The Wave is going to use your 5G Internet connection. It will come into that device as data, but then it has to forward that data from the Internet to the UCM.

So to Lincoln’s point, the Wave must know what IP you have in order to send its data to your 5G router. Then you need to port forward from the router to the UCM so that the data makes it way to the UCM and the UCM can respond.

In the UCM there is a section for PBX Settings, SIP Settings, NAT. IN this section you need to insert your public IP or FQDN public hostname. Check the SDP box and at the bottom the page, insert your local Lan segment. This is mandatroy so that the UCM knows how to communicate with the Wave using the correct IP in the messaging.

In the extension settings for the Wave in the UCM, check the NAT box and disable the can direct media.


thank you lincoln for your help and i try this but the gswave extinction can’t register


thank you lpneblett for your help and reply
first of all i want to usa 5G connection data because i thought if i install GSM terminal with UCM and 5G data it’ll work but no secsful
here what i did i create extinction and i do what you mentioned (see pictures) from UCM side and from PBX setting i also didi what you mentioned and from 5G router i activated DDNS and i forwarded ports but the extinction not register in gswave


Usually the problem with 4G or 5G mobile data service provider that they are not providing real IP, usually they provide virtual IP address, so you have to request real IP from your service provider, it doesn’t matter if its static or dynamic, its matter to be real not virtual.
I am pretty sure this is the problem.
since we are in the same region, you can contact me directly for help and I will do my best to solve it for you.


Good Idea to figure out if the dynamic dns resolves to Public IP. But I think the port forward for 5060 UDP is missing. try adding 5060 UDP to the UCM IP, I assume its the and try to register again

oh and disable anything in that SIP ALG settings in the router


he is using TLS , the right port is TCP 5061 for TLS, and UDP 10000-20000 for voip
his configuration is 100% right, that’s why he have to use site like
to see the real IP and then ping his Dyndns address and compare if both give same IP or different IP.


thank you hussam for your help and reply
this is why i use ddns but still i have this problem the gswave can’t register i did everything you imagine i saw allot of youtube tutorials


I did it lincoln but still gswave won’t register


you didn’t understand me, if you have virtual IP, DDNS will not help you.


Send me private massage, we can do TeamViewer or anydesk


it’s not the same my real ip and my host is10.29.12.179


So as I told you, is virtual (not real) IP is the real IP shard between you and all the people who is connected to the same Mobile tower.
so the only way that you have to ask your service provider to give you real IP.
if there is some thing is not clear for you please PM me and we can talk and explain it.


Yes, Hussam_Refa is correct, you need a routable public IP.


is there any chance even if i use vpn on my router because my router support l2tp vpn
with regards to all

#18 in a private(LAN IP) its real, but the private IP is the problem, you need a Public IP to connect to, call your provider and see if they can bridge your connection to give you a Public IP.

Below is a short list of Ips that are private, there are some other multicast addys, but they wont give you an address in any of those ranges, so if its listed below, it wont work, except locally. - - -


will if you have another site have real (Public) IP, you can make VPN between them and route the traffics, but you will need advanced router like ( Mikrotik ) to do that.
I can help you with that if you like.


Qatar, If you were to use a Mikrotik - L2TP VPN IPSec is very quick to set up along with GEO IP blocking to only allow your Country IP addresses access combined with Spamhaus/M@lcode/DShield protection through the Mikroik makes it a wise choice.



thank you @Hussam_Refa and @scottsip can you recommend me a specific model of Mikrotik support LTE or nR 5G

Best regards to all of you guys