GSC3610 no access anymore


Hi there,
Got a brand new GSC3610 today.
I went to the GUI changed the default Password and noticed that an update should be done.
I entered the BETA path for getting the latest one and started the update (release Notes do not tell any steps between should be done).
After some time the update was complete and the device restarted.When ready the soundlogo did play again and I looked forward to configure the new Speaker.
Since then I´ve been trying to get access to the GUI again with no luck at all.
The IP adress is pingable.The gsc_c074XXXX.local is also pingable via cmd.
GS search finds the device: HW V1.1A / GSC3510 v1.0.1.1 /192.168.1.X /Port 80 /RTSP Port 0 /MACADRESS.
Getting access with this tool also fails as well as trying to connect with http://gsc_c0blabla.local
Tried Putty for ssh access > no reaction tried via telnet -> no reaction.
Same after doing a 10 sec needle reset and I also did a needle reset until the unit started to blink red.

I serched for a template in the Model Template Package List section of the UCM ->could not find the unit.
UCM zeroconf finds the IP,mac,vendor,version but no access here,too
In GDMS the GSC is also not present.

Is there any other method to autoprovision or flash the GSC via bootup/tftp or else
to get access.
Tried different browsers and WIN10 and linux…
Almost nothing is more frustrating that getting a brand new device and not being able to configure it because of getting no access anymore :unamused:

Does anyone of you have some trick I did not try?

Regards Michael


In the meantime I did something other and tried to get access again.
What should I say: I was able to do some settings e.g. sip registration and connecting wireless access and such things.Access works with IE,Chrome and Firefox
Just because I want to know what´s up, I did a restart of the unit again.And I´ve connected a new CAT6 cable to the switch.
This had been half an hour ago.Still no WEB access. SIP is registered and wifi too.
How long is the normal period of time until this unit should be accessible via GUI?
GS search and PING show that the network port is accessible at about 1 minute after restart.
Any thoughts what´s going wrong?


Try I.E. I had to use it yesterday.


I tried I.E., and did a refresh with strg F5, too. Still no access anymore.
Is your unit on too?


Yes, I just installed it yesterday. There are some devices that I have to try various browsers to get to respond. I assume you tried both HTTP and HTTPS?
I have cleared the cache, used F5, disabled preload pages for faster browsing (Chrome) and started looking for a dead chicken to wave over the top of some device,…but eventually one gets it to work.


Wasn´t it a dead cat at midnight waving on the graveyard what Tom Sawyer did?
Maybe I should have a try. The Graveyard is just on the other side of the street about 30 Meters away from me…

Is this behaviour just with this BETA or is it reproducable with some other firmware before?


Once I got it up with IE, I did not have any issues with other broswers after. I have the same thing on some GXPs on occasions.


That was also my experience when I got access to the device again.
The first time it worked again with the I.E. But I thought that was more of a coincidence. After that it worked with the other browsers as well.
In order to be able to exclude the cache I tried the access with a laptop. Unfortunately, this did not work. Maybe it will work again in 2 hours. Then I will downgrade the device in the hope that it will be better. Shame I was already looking forward to the radio streaming. But I also did not really find so far in the search for rtsp.ts streams.
What GXP-Phones do you have trouble in this way?
I have those issues currently after the provisioning over gdms with the gxv3350,too


Ha…here it is again !!!
This time first tried I.E. then Chrome,then Firefox and afterwards I took the fu…ing EDGE from WIN10.
Got access and now it works with all other Browsers,too.
I swear, I was not at the graveyard and my cat is still alive !
Holy moly…who let this Beta out in the wilderness?

I can not imagine that the problem in the company Grandstream nobody noticed before?
Or are all under pressure? The device must go, must go out, must go out




I´ve just downloaded the “stable” FW.
Doing a downgrade right now and let you know…
P.S. The edge browser shows just the login page, but does´t let you in.
Chrome does :grin:


ucking hit !
Perhaps it would work after 1,5 hours with “stable” again… but now it´s 0:45 o´ clock in the night.Have to go disappointed to bed now
1,5 hours I´ve been waiting until getting access again to the unit after rebooting it…
I downloaded opera browser too, to have another verification.
This state is defintely not practible.

GS: please fix it as soon as possible.I cannot wait at the customer for 1 and a half hours…
I cannot sell it with this kind of behaviour.

If it´s Alpha, don´t call it Beta…
I forgot: this stable is also alpha,too

Else my device is buggy

Regards Michael


It seems to have to do with the DHCP Client of the device.
I did a test with a Grandstream POE Adapter instead of plugging it directly to a POE switch.
When the device was accessible via browser, I plugged off the LAN Port to the switch.
So it was still powered, but lost network connection.
5 seconds later I plugged the LAN port to the switch again.
Result: device was found via network scan and was pingable but no access to gui again for 1 1/2 hours.
After it was accessible again I gave the device a fixed IP-adress.
Access works with new IP adress.
Reboot -> Access works.
Next try is to lift it to the new BETA FW again and crossing fingers I think this will work too…
regards Michael


allright BETA works too…
sorry, great device but something GS has to fix soon…
Best regards