GSC3570 - Weathers gone!


Firmware seems to have removed the weather, it stopped working in the older firmware. Great, so when is it coming back?

I had so many complaints about the phones loosing currency (weather appears to still be working) but these panels on the walls before leaving the building, by removing a service that interacts with the real world isnt doing Grand Stream any favors.

Going to have a look at FANVIL hardware (we are a reseller for them, they also have these panels).


Discontinuation of built-in weather forecast service 6/30/2022


We dont need an official statement, already found in the actual unit, having it confirmed doesnt assist to fixing the issue.

Talking with FANVIL about getting it in theres now, we likely will write it for them.


SFX_Group, please keep us updated on the Fanvil support. I was looking at the GSC but needed the weather info presented on the touchscreens.


We havnt gone anywhere with this yet, as we have been looking at developing our own Info Board software that will have access to weather, that industry has gone real odd with just about all of them closing access to the API, we have found a weather API that will work though, and we have started developing an app that will use it, so getting weather back on this Grandstream devices isn’t impossible, just depends how much poking Grandstream get about it


Yes, please keep connection and talking to Grandstream Sales and Marketing Department.

Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.