GSC3570 unlocks the Panel afer Alarm during the SIP call


Hi, I recently got a GSC3570 station.
I connect at the Zone 2 (Alarm in AIN1) magnetic door-window contacts. It works fine and when a windows opens the GSC3570 makes a sip call.
The problem is when you have locked the lcd panel with password, after the alarm triggers the lcd unlocks and shows the SIP dialing screen with the red button (hung off), so anyone can press the red button to terminate the call. (after the “thief” presses the red button the LCD screen LOCKS!)
I have the latest firmware []
Also I’d like to make some suggestions for the next firmware update:

  1. When you arm the panel it should check the status of the zone (NC) if the is a window open and warn you that cannot arm the System. (currently it can arm the system with all windows open)
  2. it would be great to add a feature to arm and disarm the system remotely through a sip call.

Thanks in advance


@kostas74: Thank you for your valuable feedback. Will pass this to the engineering team and will improve and address these issues in next firmware release cycle.

Thanks again for using Grandstream Access Control Products.