GSC3570 UCM ZeroConfig Template


Any idea – and maybe I missed it – but I’m looking for the UCM ZeroConfig template for this. Do we have that or will it be included in a new firmware? We’re getting ready to deploy a large number of these and I don’t want to use GDMS.


They are not supported by GDMS yet anyway.

No model template as far as I am aware. I don’t even think the config template is available yet.

What’s the deployment with this? I have one and never seen a device so useless.


It’s a 90 unit apartment building. Will be used to see camera at GDS and buzz people in.


Ohh, why not. Probably its only use lol


Fmarcoux, I can think of plenty of applications for the GSC3570. For example, hands-free video conferencing in no-touch medical and food prep environments, unattended reception areas, receiving dock handoffs. I’ve got several GSC3570s deployed, and they are extremely well designed and versatile. I’ll happily answer questions and entertain legitimate criticism, but please don’t be insulting.


The template is finally out – but it’s not complete. You can assign extensions but not change the interface.


@whowe82: If you go to “Upgrade and Provisioning” webUI you should be able to download the CFG in either .xml or .txt format:

And you can edit the P value based on the exported txt file to create the configuration template, and provisioning the GSC3570 as like all the Grandstream IP phones.

Hope this helps. Feel free to advise if you have more feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for using Grandstream products.


Sure – I could do this – but could an end user? I’m sure GS will fix the template soon enough.


I wouldn’t hold my breath. They should kill ZC and release the GDMS on-prem to replace it. So much better! Still need more devices on GDMS tho.


Zeroconfig is awesome — that OEM section has me wondering if we’re going to get 3rd party phones. Now that you can reliably zeroconfig across subnets it’s even better. I do like GDMS for the sites I have on it. We’re building our new managed telephony service around it. We plan to launch when GDMS on prem becomes available.


It would be great if GS would release the TR69 server application so it can be secured over the subnets that we manage