GSC3570 Reboot


Is there any way to have the GSC3570 reboot itself every few days like the GDS3710… or a way to reboot it remotely (not webgui)? Have an install with 3 devices and they just randomly seem to decide to stop answering calls and need to be power cycled. Am hoping if I can get them to reboot themselves, or if I can remotely create a script to reboot them each night that we can avoid these hassles.


This feature is not available but can be added as a new feature request in future firmware release.

When you say stop answer calls, do you have SYSLOG or Packet trace (the GSC3570 has built-in trace feature under “Tool”). ? This may or maynot be GSC3570 issue and need to be invested.

Also, how you power up GSC3570? Via PoE, or the USB adapter? If it is USB adapter, is it 2A/5V adapter which can provide enough juice to the device to work reliably?

Please advise.


I don’t have any more details at this point as we have not been back out to the customer site to do detailed troubleshooting as yet. The system has been installed for about 2 weeks and each of the 3 GSC3570’s has stopped responding at least once. The customer just calls us after noticing that it’s not doing anything when someone is at the door and we have told them to unplug the network cable and reconnect (they are POE powered) and then subsequently it is working for them again.

I will post further detail once we are able to get onsite. Regardless please do add the auto-reboot as a feature request… I find particularly with android based devices sometimes it just keeps them happier to be rebooted once in a while, even if it’s just once a month :slight_smile:


@mcisar: Configurable Auto Reboot will be added into next firmware release cycle, this may take some time.
Please be tuned. Thank you for using GSC3570 and Grandstream Access Control Products.


In the meantime, while the firmware is not out, can you confirm if there is an HTTP API message we can send to the GSC3570 to trigger a reboot?

If yes, I can set a cronjob in a linux server in the same network.


@suportecctv: If you have SIP server or IPPBX, you can send SIP NOTIFY message to tell the device to Reboot. You can also SSH to the device via script to reboot it.

The new firmware should be out very soon, around end of April. Thanks.