GSC3570 Lagging


@GS_Guy I understand.
The thing is, it takes a few days or a week to happen. My demo still hasn’t failed for a week now.
So we have to be patient.

@David_NZ how often does it fail at your end?
I have two clients and my demo, they all different, one of them every 2-3 days, other can take a week.


More like a couple of weeks in our case.


@Grandpart: Please refer to the “New Features Overview” in the “Release Note” to see how to configure the related features:

Basically, in GDS3710 side if w/o SIP server and use direct IP pairing call, you have to input the IP address of GSC3570 in the door bell press filed and select hunting mode, and configure related remote open door password; In GSC3570 side, in the “External Service”, you have to input the IP address of GDS3710, and fill in the matched remote PIN into the related field.

Once configured correct, press the doorbell the GSC3570 will ring, and after first ring the video will be displayed as preview, then continue to ringing until you pick up the call or press open door icon to open the door w/o pick up the call (but there will be missed call in the GSC3570 call history).

Hope this helps. Thanks you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.


@David_NZ: I see your issue now. Your unit might be with old firmware or after upgrade to latest firmware w/o factory reset. The key issue is “Ringtone” is empty and NOT selected any, this is known bug in old firmware and if you upgrade to latest firmware and factory reset, there will not have such issue. Or you can manually operate the touch UI: Settings -> Basic -> Sound, select and adjust the Ringtone, save the selection.

If your GSC3570 is with old firmware, I suggest you upgrade to latest, back up configuration, perform factory reset, restore the configuration, select the Ringtone, and try again.

Currently your GSC3570 has no ringtone or ringtone is empty, therefore incoming call will not ring as no ringtone selected, and will only display “missed call” in call history.

Please check and advise. Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control products.


Unfortunately, the maximum IP addresses or extension can be input to doorbell is 4, more than that need IPPBX involved. The hunting is a server (IPPBX) feature, GDS37xx as a SIP Client by nature cannot do that, we are actually hacking to get this feature working. The maximum number of 4 is due to GDS37xx only support 4 SIP accounts.

Hope this explains. Thank you for using Grandstream products.


Thanks. Not certain that is the cause though.

Both GSC3570 units do have the latest firmware installed (done when initially installed). Son is certain he did factory reset the kitchen unit after updating the firmware, The office unit was installed a few weeks later and he ‘thinks’ he would also have reset that after applying the latest firmware. Anyway, as a precaution, he did another factory reset today so we will see if that does make a difference.

However, we also made a test call from the office to the kitchen unit (kitchen unit has not been re-booted for some time - possibly more than a month ago). Despite the fact that he is certain he did factory reset it, there was no ringtone on the kitchen unit. The LED at the back of the unit was flashing GREEN, and I was able to answer the call OK, just no ringtone. I was standing straight in front of the unit waiting for the call. Tested it twice, same result.

Also, now not so certain about the time it takes for the ringtone to stop working. Yesterday I was thinking it was about 2 weeks since it had happened but my son told me today that he had re-booted the unit 3 or 4 days ago as a precaution. Both units have now been re-booted today so we will keep an eye out to see how long before the ringtone stops working.

Another bit of info from my son today. The last time the ringtone stopped working on the office unit (~couple of weeks ago) he went into Settings > Basic > Sound, and selected a different Ringtone to see if that would fix the problem. However, there was no sound when he selected alternate ringtones (normally there is so you can test/hear the ringtone before deciding which one to select). So the ringtone would not work even from the Settings menu.

I just checked the call history. Last unanswered calls were 4 Apr (from the GDS3710 gate station) & 29 Mar (from the kitchen GSC3570 unit). In the former case (Sun 4 Apr) it is possible I was not in the office at the time, so I cannot be certain there was no ringtone that time. However, that (4 Apr) also shows as a missed call on the kitchen GSC3570 unit.

Possibly a memory leak issue?


Thanks for the explanation re the limit of four numbers in the call group. Guess we can live with it as is. Main reason I mentioned it is because at times I find the noise of the fan on the RPi a bit annoying. However found so loose screws (fan fixing). Fixing those has reduced the noise.


Strange. Please touch “Setting -> Sound -> Ringtone”, then based on alphabet order to select the ring tone, then press “OK” to confirm it. Also you can adjust the “Ring volume” or “Media volume” from the touch screen.

If no sound played when you selected different ringtone, then the device might have problem. Thanks.


@David_NZ: Sorry I have to make it clear for this limitation of GDS3710 or GDS3705, with numbers called when doorbell pressed:
For parallel hunting (meaning all phones ringing at the same time), the maximum extension or IP address is limited to 4; but for serial hunting (meaning phones ringing one after another), there is NO such limitation and the limit is the capacity how many alphabet or digits the door bell field can be filled, which is 255 characters.

The above is for GDS37xx to handle the call indepandently without SIP server involved. If using hunting group number handled by the SIP Server or IPPBX, then the limitation is shifted to IPPBX or SIP Proxy.

Hope this explains clearly. Thanks!


What network switch is used?


Cisco Meraki MS220-8P


I did this before and it didnt help. I have a feeling it is very sensitive to some switches.
With TP-Link it is failing every couple of days. With Netgrear has been running ok for a week. So we will see!


@GS_Guy I changed the switch. My demo has been running on Netgear GS108P for 2 weeks and yesterday it failed.
Watch the video please.

Please we need to fix it ASAP. I bought two Netgear switches and I thought it is fixed but failed yesterday.
We have spent so much time on this issue and no idea what is happening.
Can we arrange a remote session and your team can check it while it is failing. they will have full access to the log, configuration and SSH if possible.

@GSSupport331 @grandstream


Still having this issue? @grandstream no solution!


We already implemented configurable Auto Reboot and already has test build for this issue. The firmware is under QA testing right now. If you want to test or need this firmware, please contact Grandstream support to get the firmware to test. Thanks!


Hi all,

I have similiar problem (no ringing sound) with GSC3570.
Is is connected to Zyxel POE switch and used as direct SIP call target from GDS3710.

When GSC3570 is running over two weeks it makes “quiet” - there is no ringing sound when call is comming, it is also quiet when you go to settings and try to change ringing sound or volume, also when watching footage from connected cameras there is no sound.

I’ve opened ticket with support, but for now there is only temporary solution with Automatic Reboot in new firmware