GSc3570 intercom fixed dial shortcut



We just purchased the 3570 unit, and I am trying to get my head around how to enable auto-dialing. We have a requirement to have an intercom between reception and the outside of our goods lift. When couriers come up the lift, they need to call reception to sign for packages.

Now I have registered the unit via SIP against our Avaya and i can dial out etc. however how do I create a shortcut or button on the unit that would only initiate a call to a fixed number 9reception in our case). I can do this via the SOS button, but I have no way of renaming the SOS button to say Call reception. The config file lets me amend the name, but the GUI is still showcasing the same. Is there a way to get this done and create some sort of shortcut on the panel to only dial one number?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



@Holgs: Current firmware does not have the exactly feature you request. Please list clearly what you need and will send the requirement/feedback to DEV team. Thank you for using GSC3570 and Grandstream Access Control Products.



What I need is a button / field that you touch on the panel to auto-dial via SIP a fixed number. Same as the SOS button, just not named SOS. We want couriers to press the button (almost like a bell on a door system) to dial that number / extension.



Like this unit here:

you have touch buttons with fixed numbers:


The current firmware already support this feature, except it does NOT have the icons displayed in the HOME SCREEN like what Fanvil did.

In the “Monitor” icon, if you touch and get into, you can put a lot doors there. This can be configured in: Settings -> External Service. Just configure the related door extensions there, with related PIN to remote open door if open door is required. Once configured, the Touch UI will have below display once pressed “Monitor” icon:

Not sure this meets your application requirement. Please advise.

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I think what @Holgs is asking for should be an option worth implementing. The ability to add VPK keys should be made asap.


As a work around I suggest editing the display page and using the contacts screen for a list of staff contacts.


@Holgs: Please send email to me for the test build. Please help to test this build and provide feedback. The Speeddial will be in 2nd page of the touchscreen and you can leave that page on the screen always if you only need to use speeddial.

Here are the webUI configuration and touchscreen display of such speeddial new features:

*Touch UI Configu/Display:

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This feature is included in FW1.0.5.21 and the firmware already published at: