GSC3570 Enhancement Suggestions


Hi Grandstream team! Since you have shown interest on getting customer feedback and suggestions, I have a few ideas to share with you.

Before that, some context: I have legacy equipment from other vendors, mainly Mobotix Videodoor, Foscam Surveillance and Honeywell/Adecco alarm.
My main goal when I acquired the GSC3570 was (and still is) to have a simple and responsive control panel to receive video door calls and access the surveillance cameras. And the GSC3570 does that. Not perfect but does.

Like me, I believe there will be others with interest on using your control panel integrated with 3rd party products. Mainly to start with. I will surely consider Grandstream cameras when I have the need to replace the existing Foscams, for instance.

With this said, here a few ideas to improve your product:


  • Ability to add multiple virtual buttons during a call. Eg: My mobotix has a virtual button to open door, another to open gate and another to turn on a light. Each of these functions can be triggered via API call or DTMF key. The ask is to be able to configure a certain number of virtual buttons and for each:
    • Select the icon.
    • Have an option to send DTMF, HTTP GET or HTTP PUSH

Desktop Shortcut screen

  • Ability to customize the second screen and its icons:
    • Today the GSC3570 only allows sending HTTP GETs. Should allow sending HTTP push code.
    • The buttons look ugly as they are today. Should be able display icons instead (offered by you and/or uploaded by us).
    • Even better if the buttons could be dynamic based on state (eg: light on/light off). It could require extra code form to read state from somewhere.
  • Allow the execution of web apps, ie, include a light web browser to run 3rd party web applications.

Main screen

  • Ability to customize which buttons are visible or not. Potentially swap with customized buttons (desktop shortcuts)

Physical home button

  • Add secondary functions (using configuration similar to desktop shortcuts). For instance:
    a) Long press: Open Door
    b) 2 quick touches: Turn on all external lights
    c) 3 quick touches: Open front gate

Sorry for the extensive comment. Hope some of this resonates with you. It would also be great to get the feedback from other users.


@smvsousa: Thank you and appreciate your suggestions and feedbacks. Will pass them to our DEV team, if feasible, will add them into future firmware upgrade.

Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.