GSC3570 Does not allow open door on GDS3710 using "doorbell"


I have set up the GSC3570 with a GDS3710. If I “call” the GDS3710 I get an ICON for opening the door. If I press the “doorbell” on the GDS3710, the GSC3570 will answer, however, there is no ICON to open the door. I have set up the EXTERNAL service numerous times, however, no change. I have tried setting it up with a GXP2160 and the GDS3710 works fine…

And, if I call the GDS3710 from the GSC3570, I DO get the OPEN DOOR ICON, however, the open door authentication fails. I have also verified the PIN number is correct. Again, this works fine from my GXP2160



I have the same exact issue, did you get a fix for this? Please let me know.



No solutions here (yet). I was going to try and turn off “auto-answer” and see if that effects the problem, but turning off auto answer just gives the far end ringback with no indication of ringing on the 3570…


I’m trying it on a deskphone abd an IOS (GS Wave) app,
I’ve turned off auto-answer,
tried different DNS,
chagned the baseline

It works calling to the doorbell, GDS3710, but not from the doorbell to either device.

Been on this forum looking for a couple hours… no luck. :frowning:

I see this issue comes up for a few people, seems like the UCM device has troubles too.

Some think it’s the stream settings, but I’ve tried everything everyone else has tried.



When you use the 3570 to call the GDS3710, and try to open the door, does it “fail”?


could you please provide the config file of your GSC3570? i would like to reproduce it problem here. I doubt it’s caused by settings.


Are you using IP address + port as the GDS3710 number instead of GDS3710 SIP account?
we have known issue that the IP + port (IP call) does not work right now. If your GDS3710 registered a SIP account, and use that SIP account to call GSC3570, GSC3570 should able to open the door without issue.


On my original post, about not having the DOOR OPEN ICON when calling from the GDS3710. After factory resetting the 3570 (and restoring my ability to receive ringing on the 3570) I do not get the DOOR OPEN ICON when AURO ANSWER is engaged. When AUTO-ANSER is not engaged, I get ringing, I get a DOOR OPEN ICON, however there is no video showing before answering the call…


Thank you for the confirmation. we will add the video previous. current it’s not a bug but not support yet.